How to get wedding photos like a celebrity


Your wedding day is probably the closest you’ll come to living the glamorous, celebrity lifestyle. Hours of hair and make up, a couture gown created to fit only you, with crowds of people telling you how gorgeous you look. And in true celebrity style, your every move will be recorded by a paparazzi team of photographers and videographers.

Next question, how do you achieve that effortlessly elegant, celebrity look in your photos?

Below are some of our favourite celebrity wedding photos, alongside images we’ve shot of our real Inlighten couples. It’s all about knowing the look you want to create, and choosing the right photographer who can capture that for you.


1. Make your backdrop count

It’s the flower wall that started a global wedding trend. And it’s showing no signs of slowing down in popularity.  To get the celebrity look in your photos, think about the background in your photos, and make sure it’s just as glamorous as you are.

(Top tips – If your keeping an eye on the budget, consider using a combination of silk flowers and fresh flowers.  A flower wall can also be a beautiful backdrop for your Bridal Prep photos at home.)


L – Kim and Kanye’s flower wall creates a stunning back drop in any location. R – Inlighten’s Real Bride Renee with her Bridesmaids


2. Create a stunning silhouette from the back

It could be the influence of the many recent Royal weddings. Or maybe it’s just the once in a lifetime grandness that it adds.  Whatever the reason, trains are a huge feature in celebrity weddings everywhere. So to create that celebrity style in your own photos, ensure your train is captured from the back, at it’s finest.


L – Ciara showing off her Cavalli Couture gown. R – Inlighten’s real bride Elica showing off her Moeshour gown



L – Kim Kardashian in her Haute Couture gown by Riccardo Tisci R – Inlighten Real Bride in her Eva Couture gown


3. Unveil your inner beauty

Crowns and headpieces will continue to be a hot trend for weddings in 2017. But there’s something so soft and romantic about wearing a veil.  The way the light glows through the soft material will create artistically beautiful photos.


L – Jessica Simpson wearing a veil on her wedding morning. R – Inlighten Real Bride wearing J’Aton Couture


4. Grab your besties for the ultimate #bridesquad moment

Thanks to Taylor Swift and her Squad, Bridesmaids are this season’s ultimate must have accessory.  And so they should be!  You’ve probably know your besties longer than you’ve known your husband, and they’ll be the ones with you at midnight pondering the difference between Off White and Cream.  This is a photo that deserves to be taken.



L – Ashley Tisdale with her Bridesmaids. R – Inlighten Real Bride Effie with her Bridesmaids


5. Keep the day flowing and capture candid moments.

For celebrities, being photographed is often a regular occurrence. So on their wedding day, many of celebrities don’t want the day to feel like work, and prefer to have a candid approach to their photos. This is especially the case during the ceremony, when your focus should be on each other. So rather than stopping to pose at the top of the aisle, keep walking!  You’ll get a great candid snap that has movement and emotion in it, with a definite touch of paparazzi feel.



L – Footballer Sam Burgess with his wife Pheobe Hooke. R- Inlighten’s Real Couples Zoe and Josh, and Ozzie & Steve having candid moments captured as they walk down the aisle.


6. Splash the labels

Nothing says celebrity like a luxury brand.  But will Designer brands blow the wedding budget – Great news, they don’t have to! Focus your designer purchases on more affordable luxuries, such as perfumes and earrings. Then most importantly, hang onto the packaging!  By photographing the items with their boxes, you’ll create a luxury label feel in your photos.


Our beautiful Inlighten real bride Katherine created the ultimate luxury wedding day styling.


7. A forehead touch can be just as meaningful as a kiss


L – Amal Alamuddin & George Clooney share an intimate moment. R – Inlighten Real Couple Lydia and Charbel share an intimate moment on location in Hyde Park.


8. Capture the details that show the style and theme of your wedding


L – The elegant and rustic styling from Ashley Tisdale. R – Inlighten real couple Krystle and Doug’s elegant and rustic wedding in Byron Bay.


9. Use props

Candid photos should always play an important part in your wedding photos.  But if you want artistically styled photos, it’s important to plan ahead.  Props that match the theme of your day, can help to bring your colour scheme and style through to your photos.

(Top Tip – Chat to your car hire company in advance, to organise transportation of your props to your shoot location.  Or rope in a family member to transport the items to your shoot.)


L – Solange Knowles used a bicycle as a prop for her wedding photos. R – Inlighten’s real couple rowed through the Royal National Park in Sydney for their photos. Perfect for a vintage wedding.


10. Don’t be scared to have fun!

There is nothing more beautiful than a genuinely happy smile.  So relax, have fun and let your gorgeously crazy personality shine through in your photos!


Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake’s wedding at the Borgo Egnazia Resort in Pulia, Italy. October 19, 2012. Copyright © Michael Muller 2012 All rights reserved.

L – Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake had some fun with their wedding photos, and perfectly reflected their personalities. R – Inlighten real bride Alex looked gorgeous having fun while sailing to their location shoot on Cockatoo Island.