Inlighten Photographer – Jarred Eid

We are excited to announce that our prodigal son, head photographer Jarred Eid, has returned home to Inlighten Photography!  We are so excited to have his passion, creativity and artistry on board with us again.  So if you’ve been putting off a family shoot, have an upcoming baby celebration or of course are planning your wedding, now is the perfect time to book in with Jarred. (Who am I kidding – if you’ve booked with a photographer other than Inlighten  – cancel them and grab this chance to have Jarred! lol!)

Ready to have your mind blown? Just check out these amazing weddings that Jarred shot with us recently.









“One of the highlights of my time at Inlighten was definitely photographing Abraham and Jen’s wedding in Tuscany, in Italy.  It was set in a centuries old Villa and set amidst a sea of green rolling hills. Their guests ate under the stars in the glow of the Villa – truly words cant describe it, it was a once in a life time experience.  To be able to capture such a special moment for them, I’ll never forget it.” said Jarred.


Jarred started out with us as a young “whipper snapper” straight out of high school more than 10 years ago.  Since this time he has developed into an Award Winning Photographer, including coming runner in Capture Magazine’s annual award for the “Emerging Wedding Photographer” of the year.  After about 5 years learning all he could at Inlighten, it was time to follow his heart, and join his new bride Faye in Brisbane, where he further honed his craft.

Now it’s your chance to take reap the rewards of Jarred’s general awesomeness and the fact that he’s spending a few months with his family in Sydney, before jetting off to London.

You can view even more of Jarred’s work on our website and socials, below.  And of course if you’d like to meet him in person to discuss your upcoming event or celebration, please contact us

02 9550 0332

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Limited after hours appointments are available Monday – Thursday.