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Inlighten Photography has just celebrated their 10th years in the Wedding Industry and remain as the industry leaders in Sydney. This clip highlights their passion, team-ship, and love for capturing wedding couples special wedding day.

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In 2002, husband and wife team Dean and Rachael Bentick established Inlighten Photography. “It was an exciting time for photography, digital photography was new and we were at the cutting edge of technology creating new products such as Australia’s First Reception Slide Show” says Dean.
Since this time, Inlighten Photography has grown to the industry leader that it is today, while maintaining it’s focus on delivering a personalised and special experience for all of it’s couples. “One of the core beliefs that we started with 14 years ago was that you needed to meet the photographer who would be shooting your wedding. We did that when we started, and we still do that today which is a big commitment from our team as we offer after hours appointments 4 nights a week. That’s how important we believe this is.” say Rachael.
Inlighten truly hit the international scene during the late 2000’s, with resort photography assignments in the Maldives, the United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka and the Seychelles. As social media grew in popularity, so too did the commercial demand for candid and “real” photography, that captured the moment in a real and genuine way. “There’s an obvious synergy between the way in which we capture the moments on a wedding day, and the real feeling that commercial businesses now want to capture in their photos. I was absolutely honoured to be asked to shoot these International 5 Star Destinations.
This was just the start of Inlighten’s international journey, with weddings also being booked in London, Tuscany, Fiji, New Zealand, Chicago, New York and most recently Cancun in Mexico. head to canada
Back home the Inlighten brand is renowned amongst brides, planners and suppliers as a trusted creator of beautiful wedding day images. “My greatest source of pride is the number of brides who come to us, through referrals from sisters, bridesmaids and friends.”
“We have such a great time of the day, I absolutely love the moment when the couple come back in together after their honeymoon to see their photos for the first time. We hear laughter and crying, it’s truly such a beautiful and special moment. I love being able to give that to them.”

A regular speaker and sort after expert for wedding and industry events (, Rachael and Dean are excited about the future of wedding photography in Australia.
“Photography is so incredibly popular right now. While the way in which it is captured and presented will continue to evolve, the fact that it is recognised as such an important part of your wedding day is incredibly exciting. It’s so true, that come the end of your wedding day, it really is the one thing you have left. It’s important that you get it right.”