Real Life Wedding – Jacquie & Sam

 A little trickery never hurt anyone.

 Jacquie and Sam were college sweethearts at the University of Melbourne. They dated for five years and decided that when they graduate they will move to Sydney and find work together. After moving Sam knew it was time to pop the question. He did not want her to suspect that he was going to propose. It had to be a surprise. So he had to coax her into something that she had always wanted to do. He waited until the outdoor event called Opera on the Harbour started because that is one of the things that Jacquie wanted to go to ever since they moved to Sydney. So he promised her that she would get a picnic in the Botanical Gardens and that they would be attending the show.  She was ecstatic that she got to go and didn’t even suspect him to be proposing to her that night, which is what Sam was hoping for. Sam wanted this moment to be perfect so  they packed up their picnic basket and went over to the harbour and he waited until the beautiful sun was setting on the harbour to ask her to be his wife.

Since they had the perfect sunset proposal they wanted to make sure that their photos were just as perfect!

Jacquie & Sam’s Dream Team

Photography by Inlighten Photography