The Top 10 Most Requested Wedding Photos for 2016

At the end of your wedding day, your wedding photos and video are the one thing you have left to remember your day. And there’s no second chance at getting it right.

While we all know wedding dresses change in style as fashion changes, did you know that wedding photography also changes with the trends.  As 2015 comes to and end and we say a fond farewell to Mason Jars and Babies Breath, so too will we say good bye to overly photoshopped dark and moody photos, as well as dead pan photos of the bride and groom holding hands.

out 2015

OUT IN 2016 – Photos that are overly photoshopped, dark or deadpan straight to camera. (Above images sourced from Google)

So what photos will brides be asking for in 2016?

“Brides are looking for photos that are fresh, light and timeless.  They want to love their photos just as much in ten years time, as they do today.”  says Rachael Bentick, Bridal Coach and Director of Inlighten Photography. “But, as social media opens their eyes to different styles of photography, they’re also looking something a little bit special and artistic.  Something that makes them go “Wow” that they couldn’t have captured themselves”.

Here’s Rachael’s Top 10 Photos that Brides will be requesting in 2016.

1. The Bride with her Bridesmaids

Being asked to be a Bridesmaids is the ultimate honour from one girlfriend to another, so it’s understandable that the bride will want a photo of her #bridesquad.  Ideally the photo will be fun and energetic, showing the love and relationship that these girls share.


Adrianna and Lisa with their Bridesmaids – Photos by Inlighten Photography

2. Night Shots

As the capabilities of professional cameras increase, so to do the photos that can be achieved. With a growing trend for Winter Weddings and shorter shooting time between the Ceremony and Reception, Night Shots not only look incredible, they are also extremely practical.

stephanie and craig_____a380862 S_C 06-03-2015

Stephanie and Craig’s night shot in Milton Park – Photo by Inlighten Photography

3. First Look

One of the biggest rising trends in the Wedding Industry is the “First Look”. This is where the Bride and Groom see each other for the first time in a intimate setting prior to their ceremony, before going on their location shoot. This allows them to see each other for the first time surrounded by just their closest family and friends, and allows them to have a shorter gap between their Ceremony and Reception.


romana and anthony _a21_MG_9162

The key to a successful first look, is creating a special moment where the bride and groom see each other for the first time. Photo by Inlighten Photography

4. Bride at the Start of the Day

Your dress has been cut to fit you exactly. Your hair is perfected and your make up is flawless.  There is no better time to get a shot of the Bride looking her best. Don’t worry if your photographer puts you in a seemingly boring composition for this shot. It’s not about the background. It’s about finding the best lighting for your face.

taryne 2

A simple door frame and stair case create a simple backdrop for a perfectly lit and flawless photo of our bride Taryne. Photos by Inlighten Photography

5. Fresh, light and white photos

Your wedding day is a joyous occasion! Light, bright, white photos will give your collection that happy and joyous feel. Plus the simple look of white backgrounds will ensure your photos are less likely to date over time. Simple, elegant and natural.


The fresh white look can be created with both the background and back lighting of the image. Photos by Inlighten Photography


6. Detail Shots

You spend so much time choosing all of the details of your day, from the colour scheme of your flowers, through to your shoes. So obviously you’ll want photos of these elements to remember the day.  These photos also allow the colour scheme and theming of your day to be brought through to your wedding album. Shooting all of your details on light, white backgrounds will help bring an elegant look when the photos are combined together in your wedding album.


Your details bring the look and colour scheme of your day, into your photos. Photos by Inlighten Photography

7. Landscape Photos

This trend isn’t going anywhere in a hurry, and for good reason.  Landscape photos allow you to be smaller in the frame, and therefore can make beautiful, subtle art pieces for your wall.  By working with the landscape, a beautiful image is created that captures the look and feel of your wedding location.



Caroline and Jake’s wedding was set in manicured gardens of Terrara House. A landscape photo perfectly created a beautiful image that reflected the look and feel of their day. Photo by Inlighten Photography

8. Candid Photos

For many of us, having our photo taken is up there with our fears of public speaking and turning up to school naked. If this is you, candid photos where you dont even know the photographer is there, should be top of your list or requested wedding photos. Natural smiles always look the best,



Candid photos can be taken anytime during the day, from the Reception, to an in between moment on the location shoot. Photos by Inlighten Photography

9. Artistic Photos

Lets be honest, good quality wedding photography doesn’t come cheap. So if you’re paying big bucks for your wedding photographer, you probably want something a little bit more “Wow” than your guests could capture themselves.  Asking for artistic photos doesn’t have to mean spending hours on location. Choose a photographer whose style you love and let them know you trust them to play around with the shots on the day.

articis10. My personal favourite – The Veil Shot

When else in your life do you get to wear a veil?!  It’s a significant symbol of the rite of marriage and has a gorgeous softness and elegance to the way it flows and curves.  So use it in your wedding photos. Tip – Bridesmaids come in handy when it comes to “flicking” the veil at just the right moment and then running out of the shot!



Bridesmaids may be needed to assist in the “Flick” to achieve these shots. Photos by Inlighten Photography

Choosing a wedding photographer is a major decision and one that is very personal. To assist, Rachael gives this one last piece of advice. “Meet the photographer who will actually be shooting on your day, and ensure you connect with them on a personal level. You will be spending the entire day together so it’s important you like each other and trust them so they can do what they do best.  And choose the photographer you love the most, not the photographer with the most inclusions in their package. You should be getting the high resolution files anyway, so focus on choosing your favourite photographer, rather than how many prints or sides you’ll get in the album”.

Rachael Bentick has worked in the Wedding Industry for the last 13 years as the Director of Inlighten Photography, and is now providing her experience and knowledge to Brides to Be as a Bridal Coach. View more of Rachael and Inlighten’s work on the details below or call to book an appointment time to meet your photographer or Bridal Coach today.

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