Top 10 Wedding Photos of 2016

As vintage styling took a back seat to luxury glam, wedding photography returned to prominence in 2016.

While the call for candid, heartfelt moments will always be at the top of a Bride’s shot list, today’s bride wants more.  If she’s paying top dollar for wedding photography, she wants more than a candid over the should kiss outside the church. Today, words such as “Artistic, elegant and fashion” are what we’re hearing from our couples.

And we couldn’t be happier!  Being given the opportunity to flex your creative muscles, and give your couple “Wow” shots, must surely be every photographer’s dream.

So as the year comes to a close, here are Inlighten Photography’s Top 10 Photos of 2016. With so many incredible photos to choose from (and so many gorgeous brides who make our photos look great!), I’ve tried to select a cross section of different photos from throughout a wedding day.  I truly could have made this list 200 photos long!

10. Layla and Matthew at Oatlands House

Luxury white weddings were a huge trend for weddings in 2016. And with so much emphasise placed on styling the venue, a photo of the couple inside the reception before the guests enter, is incredibly important.

Venue: Oatlands House

Flowers: Crazy About Flowers

Gown: Steven Khalil



9. Jacquie and her bridesmaids

Royal weddings have popularised the formal bridal party photo. But gone are the days of a wall of people lined up each side the of the bride and groom.  I love the visible sunbeams entering the shot from the left and highlighting the girls faces.  The girls are interacting in their own ways and giving this posed formal photo, a relaxed and elegant finish.



8. That Dress

Justine in her haute couture J’Aton gown took the social media world by storm in February.  Her flawless make up and soft up do complimented her look to perfection.

Gown: J’Aton



7. Pelin & Damien’s Night Shot outside Le Montage

I am completely biased, I absolutely love night shots. The dark backdrop makes the bride the central focus point in the photo, as she is the lightest point.  By shooting right on dusk you can also capture the most unique colours and cloud patterns in the sky. This location outside Le Montage is one of our absolute favourite night locations.

The trick to an amazing night shot is the off camera light source secretly hidden behind the couple, to create the glowing light around them.

Venue: Le Montage



6. Michelle’s Jimmy Choo’s

#bridegoals is #jimmychoo. And while there are so many beautiful ways to set up a pair of shoes for a detail shot, I love the natural look of this placement that shows the shoe and the label. The hint of the mirror in the foreground adds a natural frame to the composition of the photo, giving the shot more depth and interest.

Shoes: Jimmy Choo



5. Renee & Jake’s Reception Entrance at Curzon Hall

I love the excitement, noise and atmosphere of a cultural wedding. This shot captures it all. You can feel the beat of the drums, see the excitement on the faces of the guests and almost feel the heat of the fire.  A great photo takes you into that moment, and this photo does exactly that.

Venue: Curzon Hall

Gown: Steven Khalil



4. Tiff and Kenny’s Tasmanian Skyline

Hot off the press, Tiff and Kenny’s December wedding was a last minute contender for the Top 10 List. We love to travel and discover new places. Tiff and Kenny’s wedding was in Hobart, Tasmania, with this shot taken at their reception in Peppermint Bay. Two photographers were needed to light and capture this unique sky, to ensure the couple’s beautiful faces remained the focus of the shot.

Gown: White Lily Couture



3. Melissa and Jim

The adoring look that Melissa is giving to Jim. The warm glow from the sunlight through the trees. The natural frame that is created by the over hanging trees. And of course the veil.  So many beautiful elements combine to make this a stunning landscape photo.



2. Kate & Michael’s unqiue take on the Sydney Harbour Bridge

As Sydney wedding photographer’s we shoot the Harbour Bridge all the time. I love that after 14 years we’re still discovering new ways to see our city’s icon in a new light. It allows us to give every one of our couples photos that are distinct and uniquely theirs.



1. Jacquie’s Bridal Prep Photo

A huge trend for 2016 was interior styling of the Brides Home for her Bridal Prep photos. I love the symmetry of the chairs, the elegance of the furniture and Jacquie’s beautiful silhouette. Her arm position is not traditional of a bridal portraiture, which is what I love most about it.


One more!!!

Aimee with her “Prince Charming” Con

I just need 11 shots! I’ve looked at so many amazing shots today and I cant cut the list any further! This is a fairy tale image in every way. Con’s wide stance as he leads his bride Aimee up the hill gives him the look of Prince Charming. Their silhouette is perfectly defined against this textured Sydney skyline at dusk.



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