Top 5 Tips for looking great in your wedding photos

By Rachael Bentick

1. Combine your hair and make-up trial with your engagement shoot

Not only will having an engagement shoot allow you to see how you hair and make up will look in the shots, it will also give your photographer a chance to get to know you even better.  We love to chat with you about your day and get to know the people who are important to you, so that the photos we take are even more meaningful.  This connection between you and the photographer is the most important thing – and it is essential that you meet your photographer before you book them!


The Beautiful Georgia and Sacha just before their wedding day on sunset.

2. Stand to flatter your body – and have a champagne!

Standing straight to camera means that you are showing the widest part of your body. By standing side on, you reduce the width of your body, particularly if you put your weight on your back foot, away from the camera.

When holding a bouquet of flowers there is also a huge temptation to pull your arms in tight to your body.  This squashes your arm against your body and makes it look wider. Hold your arms out slightly and this will reduce the width of your bicep.

And have a champagne! When you’re holding a glass of champagne you will stand in a much more natural manner, than if you are holding a bouquet. And this goes for the boys as well, no beer bottles in the photos!

Barry Hall and wife Sophie tied the knot in gorgeous Noosa. (Dress by Alex Perry)

3. Choose your favourite photographer – not the one with the biggest package!

Go with the photographer that you love the most. The one you feel most comfortable with and who you trust to take amazing photos on your day. You don’t want to spend the day hoping that the photographer you chose manages to get the same photos, that you know your favourite photographer would definitely have gotten!  And if that means going for a smaller package or smaller album – do it!  You’ll be getting the high resolution files anyway, so the most important thing is to get great photos in the first place.

4. Do your research – Facebook

Every week we are posting our latest weddings and photos up on line. Use this as a resource to find photo locations that are close to your ceremony and reception, as well as locations that match the theme and style of your day.  And by liking your favorite photographers you’ll be automatically updated with all of their latest work.

Polly & Waz (The Block Winners)

5. Use photoshop to work candidly and allow your day to flow by removing distractions in post production.

Photoshop can be used to allow your photographer to work candidly and without interruption, so that the naturalness of your interactions together as a couple can be allowed to flow.  We can always retouch photos in post production to remove any distractions, and by allowing the photography to continue on the day, rather than waiting for the background to be cleared, we can focus on your facial expressions and interactions in a more natural and meaningful way.

In  the example below we have simply arrived at the location and commenced shooting, rather than waiting for the cars to pass or asking the people in the background to move. Once these distractions have been removed, as well as the parking sign, the red box on the left and the red light on the bridge, we suddenly have a cleaner photo where the emphasis is in the right place. On the wedding couple and their beautiful moment together.


After Inlighten’s touch. Notice how the couple now POP off the page.