Wedding Trends of 2017 – Wedding Morning Photos


We are completely in love with one of the most popular trends of 2017 – an extended photo shoot of the bride on the wedding morning.  Many of our brides are taking inspiration from social media, and setting up their home or hotel room as an indoor, styled photography location. And the results are amazing!

From huge floral arrangements, to creating a simple cluster of wedding accessories. Here are some ideas you can use to ensure you look amazing on your wedding morning.

1.Choose one area and style it with florals.

Wedding flowers can be expensive. So rather than spreading flowers throughout the house, choose one niche and position all of your flowers together.  It creates a more natural looking flower wall, and means that there is always a beautiful backdrop, even during candid moments.

  1. Kathy during a candid moment with her flower girl.

    2. Hire a mannequin to hang your dress on, rather than a coat hanger.

    Not only does this look better in the photos, it also protects the shape an fit of your dress.  Mannequins can be hired through Wedding prop hire companies such as Sweet Heavenly Events Hire  who also hire items such as wedding mirrors, ornate white dressers and chaise lounges. All of which are the perfect backdrop for wedding morning photos.

3. To look your leanest, stand side on to the camera

And now lets be honest.  None of this matters if you don’t look incredible in your photos.  So here’s our top tip to look your most svelte and feel amazing – turn slightly side on. This will thins up your waste and make your body it’s narrowest.

4. Set aside an area for detail photos

To spend so much time choosing all of the details for your wedding day, so it’s only natural to want these beautiful elements photographed. Plus they’re a great way to bring the colours and style of your day, through to your wedding photos.  Set aside a particular area for these details to be taken, and keep handy any packaging or boxes that may look great in the photos too.

Top Tip – Have a copy of your invitation with you on the day.  It’s a beautiful way to bring the font and colours of your wedding, through to your album.

5. Hire a full length mirror to show the front and back of your gown.

On my wedding day, my dress was all about the back. Looking back, I wish I’d known this tip as I spent the whole time trying to twist myself in reverse and look over my shoulder.  A full length mirror is not only practical, it also further reinforces the style of your day.

6. Relax, smile and enjoy every single moment.

Every bride we speak to after their wedding, says they cant believe how fast the day went by!  Even though it may seem impossible, try to remember to take a breath and enjoy your day.  And remember even if things don’t go perfectly, many an imperfection can be retouched later in photoshop.  So, relax and smile, because this is truly the best way to look beautiful in every photo.