Weddings are a time of love, happiness and fun.  We love sharing your joy with you and capturing memories that you will enjoy for a lifetime. 

Your experience with us begins with meeting your Photographer at your very first meeting.  Our State of the Art studio allows you to view thousands of our images, as you start to  visualise just how your wedding photos will look. And chatting with your Photographer about the details of your day ensures you form a personal connection. 

While the true essence of your day will shine through in your candid images, we also love to fuse that with our fresh, artistic approach and incorporate the locations you’ve chosen. This way, your collection of images will have a unique feel which you will always cherish.

Inlighten Photography is recognised amongst brides and the Wedding Industry, as a trusted and  highly talented Wedding Photography Service.With more than 14 years experience shooting weddings all around the world, Inlighten offers a personalised experience for your wedding photography, both before and after your wedding day.

We know weddings are a celebration, so we'll have the champagne and chocolates ready for your arrival.