Here are our common and not so common questions we get asked about our photographer service.

1. Do we get to meet the photographer at the first meeting and is this our photographer on the day?
YES! During your initial meeting you will always meet the photographer available on your day along with your client manager, who will be there throughout your entire experience with us. The photographer whom you meet, will be your head photographer for your wedding day. We don’t hold dates, so we do recommend confirming your booking as soon as possible to ensure your personal photographer is available.

2. Do we get two photographers?
Yes, depending on the size of your wedding you will get two of our experienced photographers. One will be
the head photographer whom you met at your initial meeting, and the assistant will be the second photographer.
The head photographer will often conclude shooting at the start of the Reception, at which point the second
photographer will become the main photographer of your reception. Depending upon the number of guests,
a second shooter for the reception can also be included. This will be at the discretion of Inlighten.

3. Is the assistant a professional photographer?
Yes! All of our second photographers are professional photographers in their own right. They are able to shoot the grooms preparation and also continue on at your reception.

4. How long is the typical coverage for a wedding day?
We usually suggest commencing your coverage at the bridal preparation, and continuing until the end of
the bridal dance. Extended coverage until the end of the reception is available. The exact number of hours
required depends on your ceremony time and plans for your day.

5. How many photos are taken and how many locations can we go to during the day?
As many as you like! We shoot an unlimited amount of photos, usually estimating about 80 per hour. All given to you , high res on disk.

6. What type of equipment do you use?
Each photographer carries a professional camera kit with a range of lenses from super wide to super zoom. This ensures we can capture the whole scene as a beautiful landscape, as well as the close up moments. Our photographers also carry back up devices to keep your images safe on the day.

7. How do you back up your images?
In addition to portable back ups on your wedding day, our photographers usually return to our studio on your
wedding night, to download to our secure on & off site archive storage server. This enables several copies of
your images to be stored on multiple media, in several locations, to keep them safe.

8. Do you hold dates?
No. We are lucky to have amazing talented photographers that do get booked up pretty quickly. This is something
we have never been able to do because of the amount of inquiries for the same date. We always offer
great packages for booking on the night of your first meeting but once you choose to book us, your chosen photographer is locked in just for you.

9. Should I be worried if it rains on the day?
Not at all, we have actually taken some of our most beautiful shots in the rain, or on overcast days. Our
photographers are very experienced in all types of weather conditions. You’ll be surprised how amazing some
rain shots come out – especially with our set of matching white umbrellas! Each photographer has a set of these.

10. Do we get to keep the high resolution files/negatives from our wedding?
Yes, every package includes an option to have your high resolution files on usb

11. How soon after our wedding will we get to see our photos?
We have a very fast turn around process! Approximately three weeks after your wedding day, we invite
you back into our studio for a viewing session of all your photos, set to music on our high definition TV screen.
As a bonus, you will also receive a Sneak Peek on our Facebook page, which go up the week following
your wedding and allow you to share some of the highlights of your day, with family and friends!

12. Do we get to pick the photos for our album?
Yes! During the viewing session three weeks after your wedding day, we block out a few hours of time so that
you can choose every photo you would like in your album. It is extremely important that you have a say as to
which photos you like and want to see displayed in your beautiful album.

13. Is our album personally designed with us? Can we have input and design our own album?
YES! Once you have chosen your favorite photos to see in your album, our designers create a beautiful layout
so you can visually see exactly how the album will look. We invite you back into our studio to view a slideshow
of your album and at that time work with you hand in hand to edit and complete the album together. This
ensures that you love your album, because every image and every page design has been individually
selected by you.

14. Can I add extra pages in my album?
Yes! At any time we are more than happy for you to add sides to your album. We offer a pre wedding discount
if you choose to add additional sides prior to your wedding. This is extremely popular as most of our couples love
their photos so much they prefer a larger album to ensure their story is told perfectly.

15. How soon will our album be ready?
The proofs are ready for viewing in about 2-3 weeks after your wedding but your wedding album book is usually approximately 12 – 15 weeks from your sign-off-approval date.

16. Do you include photoshop?
Photo shop work on the photos in your album is included, with the amount of photoshop you wish to have
being completely up to you. Retouching may include skin retouching, colour enhancement (eg. Vintage) or
removal of distractions (such as green exit signs in churches!). We will advise what photoshop work is possible
at your album viewing meeting. You will also receive a digital copy of these retouched photos.

17. Can I change the inclusions in my package?
Yes, we are always willing to work with you to get you exactly what you would like in a package.

18. How do I book a meeting with my photographer?
By clicking the CONTACT PAGE you can email our client managers direct and we can get back to you asap. Usually that day or first thing in the morning (Ex. Sundays). We will then set a meeting with the photographer that is available to cover your wedding. That way you can meet then and be comfortable you have made the right choice.
This meeting usually takes around 1.5 hours.

We look forward to meeting you both.