Tips for Great Night Shots >> Inlighten Photography

An ink blue sky, twinkling lights in the distance and a quiet moment away from the excitement and energy of the Reception.  Night shots add a beautiful and romantic element to your photo album and can be an elegant way to finish off the story of your night.

We see so many guests at weddings with top quality photographic equipment, so here’s a few tips on how you can capture this style of photo for yourself. The key to capturing a night shot is to use a prime (non zoom or fixed focal length) lens, such as a 50mm.  This type of lens will allow as much of the available light as possible to enter into the camera and reduce the need to use direct flash.  Plus a better quality camera will also have a higher sensitivity to light, allowing you to see more when it’s dark.

Tip – the best time to take night shots is right on dusk. Even though to your eye the sky looks black, a good camera will still pick up the last remaining glow of light in the sky, and create a royal background in your photo, rather than black.

No available light at all? Or the light is in the wrong spot?  When you’ve got no choice but to use flash, a remote flash that can be disconnected from the camera and held by another person can create a side light, which allows your subject to be lit with a halo or glow, rather than a strong flash from in front.